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Meeting one-on-one with leaders within an organisation where our executive coach provides a safe, structured, and trusting environment in which to offer support. The coach leverages various resources and approaches to aid the leader in better understanding his/her current competencies, discover how others perceive them, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals. Executive coaching is well suited to situations where the economic landscape has changed; the team dynamic is distorted or where the executive is dealing with an out of the ordinary challenge.

When managers are promoted to new leadership positions, they are expected to deal with greater levels of complexity, exhibit a higher level of emotional intelligence and step out of their comfort zone to take on strategic challenges. Transition coaching can assist an individual in differentiating how they have known themselves to be and what their new role requires of them. It is not a case of adapting, but transforming into the new role with changes to appearance, knowledge, behaviour, attitudes and values.

Team members are interdependent, and coaching entails practical assignments and quality feedback—the process hinges firmly on setting compelling goals that are revised as team development occurs. Team coaching may include working with the whole team or meeting with individuals in the team to help them improve their collective performance.