“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values.” – Fortune Magazine

Executive Coaching

With our Executive Coaching Program our Master Coaches work with the leader to create a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish in his senior leadership role within the organization. Jointly challenges that may be getting in the way are uncovered, e.g. team dynamics, organization politics, organization life cycle, etc… During the process clear goals are formulated and action plans developed to secure the desired results.

Leaders identified five significant benefits of executive coaching as a leadership development strategy. They are:

  • Continuous one-on-one attention
  • Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider
  • Self-awareness, including blind spots
  • Personal accountability for development
  • Just-in-time learning.

Our Executive Coaching Program combine different methodologies and approaches in order to secure a truly customized program that will specific address a specific leader’s needs.
Coachee profiles can be supplied on request.

Transition Coaching

Conservatively, the average mis-hire will cost your organisation at least 1.2 times a leader’s annual salary. An effective selection process is essential, but what happens after the employment contracts are signed is doubly important. The initial 200 days of any executive placement can have a huge impact on effectiveness and success. Transition coaching can support a newly appointed or promoted leader to put in place the necessary success strategies for rapid effectiveness and early achievement.

Transition coaching focus on the following

  • Building a relationship with the primary sponsor
  • Contracting time frames and aligning expectations on how long the company can allow for the new leader to be effective in his role and what is the productivity cost during that time
  • A strategy on aligning with the new team to ensure the team productive and engaged while their new leader comes up to speed.  This include managing team dynamics and organisational politics
  • Alternative support through internal mentorship to ensure that the new leader doesn’t become a turnover statistic.  Failure of new senior appointments can be as high as 50%.
Team Coaching


Our team coaching offering provides groups and teams the opportunity to go beyond their current abilities; to create broader opportunities using a results-oriented process based upon member relationships, shared experience, and interpersonal awareness. Team coaching opportunities are customized to achieve the organization’s specific needs and desired outcomes. This offers professional teams and groups the intimate coordination, collaboration, and creative thinking needed to address complex issues.
Our coaches use individual and team assessments, to identify common group behaviours, demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking, providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly, and to work together in a manner that creates shared group understanding and increases effectiveness.

Our coaching is targeted at real behavioural change. The process focusses primarily on organisational objectives and accelerates individual performance.
Combining assessment with one-on-one coaching provides more value to the individual and the organisation than either process alone. This combination offers the organisation an objective and rigorous assessment of its senior leaders and high-potential managers, along with the accelerated development that an intensive executive coaching experience provides. Assessment coupled with coaching transforms an evaluative exercise into a truly developmental experience where the organization and the leader both benefit.

Terms and Conditions

1. Assessments will be launched upon receipt of completed booking forms, job specs and candidate CV’s.

2. Booking forms submitted before 16:00 Monday – Thursday and Friday by 14:00 will be launched on the same day.

3. Feedback can be booked timely by reserving availability in the consultant’s diary, feedback will only be confirmed once a meeting request has been received for an available time slot made available by The Makings Consulting and accepted.

4. The Makings will contact candidates directly and brief them on the assessment process, including on-line and on-site assessment dates.

5. For on-site assessments, please indicate on the booking form when candidates applying for the same role may not be assessed together (confidential assessments).

6. From the launch date (sending out assessment instructions to candidates) turn-around time for delivery of reports is 5 working days, granted that the candidates complete assessments within 48 hours of launch date. The Makings therefore requires 2-3 working days to process assessment results after it has been received.

7. Please note that it takes 24 hrs for a Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) to be generated after the raw data file has been submitted to The Makings Consulting.

8. Extensions on completion deadlines will be communicated and agreed with the assessment requestor.

9. Should you have any assessment related enquiry you are welcome to contact us on 0123467931 or

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