Occupational assessments provide us with the opportunity to learn more about a person’s ability, working style and behavioural patterns which would not be able to be identified through the interview process.

Executive Assessments

We have studied hundreds of exceptional leaders in companies of every size, sector, and regional footprint. Our research concludes that there is no universal recipe for leadership effectiveness. Our consultants helps you to identify the subtle differences that make a senior appointment a “best fit” for a critical leadership role and explain why a leader may be successful in one environment but not in another.

Our executive assessment process features an in-depth Critical Behavior Interview with the applicant and relevant online assessments. This produces a comprehensive evaluation report that provides value to company’s selection panel as well as to applicants who are focused on development.

We assess the capabilities and potential of current and aspiring leaders and provide an independent assessment of outside candidates for key inside roles.

While assessment results are extremely useful on their own, they provide even greater value when combined with executive coaching and individual development. The combination of in-depth executive assessment and transition coaching for individuals and senior teams dramatically accelerates the development of both leaders and teams.

Psychometric Assessments

The word “psychometric” has Greek origins and when translated can be broken down into two words mental and measurement. Psychometric assessments aim to measure the mental or non-observable candidate characteristics such as aptitude, personality and ability. Measurement is achieved through the formal and structured composition of the psychometric assessments which have been designed by psychologists and researched to ensure reliability and validity. Psychometric Assessments can be used for a variety of purposes beyond selection which may include individual development and training, team building and development and career development and progression.

Psychometric assessments are well established and play a critical role in the selection or development of individuals. Such assessments are not used in isolation but are informed by traditional selection procedures.   A typical scenario may include the advertisement of a vacant position, inviting candidates to submit their curriculum vitae’s which is screened by the organisation to select those individuals with suitable experiences and qualifications to be nominated for Psychometric Assessments.

Traditional selection practices used in isolation are often criticised for being too subjective. However, the incorporation of Psychometric Assessments provides a sense of objectivity to the process due to its ability to consistently provide fair and accurate results. The application of psychometric assessments ensures that the individual most suited to the demands of the position is selected whilst providing future developmental areas are beneficial to both the individual and organisation.

360 Assessments

360 Assessments gather data from multiple sources as to generate both a complete and accurate profile of the individual. Data collected provides insight into the individuals inherent skill set, emotions and peer interactions. 360 Assessments are therefore a critical component when aiming to improve organisational and individual performance.

We provide a robust 360 Assessment approach whilst maintaining the required flexibility for customisation. This approach assists in the realisation of the potential benefits for each of our clients. Benefits include higher levels of validity, reliability and fairness than that provided by a single source assessment. Furthermore the 360 Assessment approach allows for the promotion of an open and transparent work climate as well as the development of self-awareness. Both which are critical for personal and professional growth.

Team Assessments

As the world of work has evolved and jobs have become more specialised that which use to be accomplished by an individual is now a team effort. Consequently it is almost impossible to reach organisational goals without the successful collaboration of all team members.

Our Team Assessments aim to establish the current emotional and social intelligence within the team as well as the level of emotional intelligence within the broader organisational. We aim to assist individuals in transforming the manner in which they communicate, learn and work as to promote team cohesion. To ensure the facilitation of such transformation all team assessments are customised as to address the needs and developmental areas within each individual team.

Team assessments are vital tools to help increase the effectiveness and productivity of the organisation. As it aims to enhance the chemistry within the team leading to group cohesion, increased workflow and team efficiency.

Types of Occupational Psychometric Assessments available

• Personality Profiles

• Emotional Intelligence

• Cognitive processing

• Communication, team style profiles

• Ability tests

Psychometric assessments are seldom used in isolation and represent just one of the methods used during the selection process.

Terms and Conditions

1. Assessments will be launched upon receipt of completed booking forms, job specs and candidate CV’s.

2. Booking forms submitted before 16:00 Monday – Thursday and Friday by 14:00 will be launched on the same day.

3. Feedback can be booked timely by reserving availability in the consultant’s diary, feedback will only be confirmed once a meeting request has been received for an available time slot made available by The Makings Consulting and accepted.

4. The Makings will contact candidates directly and brief them on the assessment process, including on-line and on-site assessment dates.

5. For on-site assessments, please indicate on the booking form when candidates applying for the same role may not be assessed together (confidential assessments).

6. From the launch date (sending out assessment instructions to candidates) turn-around time for delivery of reports is 5 working days, granted that the candidates complete assessments within 48 hours of launch date. The Makings therefore requires 2-3 working days to process assessment results after it has been received.

7. Please note that it takes 24 hrs for a Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) to be generated after the raw data file has been submitted to The Makings Consulting.

8. Extensions on completion deadlines will be communicated and agreed with the assessment requestor.

9. Should you have any assessment related enquiry you are welcome to contact us on 0123467931 or launch@themakings.co.za.

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