An organisation can try and differentiate itself through producing innovative new products, cutting prices or identifying a gap in the market.However, competitors will always be in pursuit; copying and modifying what has already been achieved. However, the replication of qualified and engaged employees is nearly impossible.

Talent has evolved over the past century. Organisation’s sources of economic value have steadily moved away from industrialisation and automation (processes) towards knowledge and talent (people). Therefore employees should no longer be seen as an expense but as a competitive advantage.
The changing workforce demographics and the war for talent require organisations to go beyond mere recruitment and turn their focus towards attraction. Attraction can be facilitated through the establishment of a strong and appealing employment brand. Consequently the talent management process must be a proactive process to allow for the optimisation of organisational excellence. An effective talent management system should not solely focus on talent acquisition but should establish talent organisation fit which leads to the development of a superior workforce. We can partner with you to ensure that your organisational talent is recognised and managed as a critical resource promoting organisational success.
It is critical to highlight that no blue print exists for talent management as every organisation’s culture, resource and needs differ. We will ensure success by assisting you in creating a local definition of talent management (organisation specific). Furthermore the talent management process will allow for the recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals in such a manner that their inputs can be fully utilised to achieve organisational goals. We will ensure alignment is achieved between the talent process and overall business strategy as it will ensure the correct quality and quantity of talent at the right time and place.

Terms and Conditions

1. Assessments will be launched upon receipt of completed booking forms, job specs and candidate CV’s.

2. Booking forms submitted before 16:00 Monday – Thursday and Friday by 14:00 will be launched on the same day.

3. Feedback can be booked timely by reserving availability in the consultant’s diary, feedback will only be confirmed once a meeting request has been received for an available time slot made available by The Makings Consulting and accepted.

4. The Makings will contact candidates directly and brief them on the assessment process, including on-line and on-site assessment dates.

5. For on-site assessments, please indicate on the booking form when candidates applying for the same role may not be assessed together (confidential assessments).

6. From the launch date (sending out assessment instructions to candidates) turn-around time for delivery of reports is 5 working days, granted that the candidates complete assessments within 48 hours of launch date. The Makings therefore requires 2-3 working days to process assessment results after it has been received.

7. Please note that it takes 24 hrs for a Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) to be generated after the raw data file has been submitted to The Makings Consulting.

8. Extensions on completion deadlines will be communicated and agreed with the assessment requestor.

9. Should you have any assessment related enquiry you are welcome to contact us on 0123467931 or

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