Our business consulting services specializes in advising medium and large businesses clients on general business issues. This covers a broad spectrum of aspects to be dealt with in business relating to internal and external relationships.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist in identifying targets, negotiating relationships and terms. We evaluate your business and potential targets. We consider the motives, benefits, pitfalls and potential outcomes. We establish common ground and find the benefits for all parties. We advise on how to deal with contentious matters to assist smooth transition.

Capitalisation and Funding

Capitalising new and established businesses remain a huge obstacle to most business owners. We assist in evaluating all options including grants, loans, structured finance, equity and other financing options. We match your requirements with the products available in the market.

We can assist in drafting prospectuses and private placement documents.

Corporate Governance and Secretarial Services

We are registered as a CIPC agent. Our team has JSE listed board experience and also served as company secretaries to corporates.

We do all CIPC related work. We also assist in advising on corporate governance, establishment of board committees, delegation of matters to these committees.

Structures and estate planning

Every business owner must have an exit strategy. Every business owner must consider well in advance the implications of exiting, being dividend tax, capital gains tax, estate duty as well as control on his or her death.

We assist business owners to make sure they address the risks of business and implications on exiting in advance and to structure and plan their affairs accordingly.
We also advise on structuring international businesses and ownership.

IFRS and drafting of financial statements

Financial statements should not only reflect the results of the business but also the real value and match the business principles applied by the management.

We assist in the drafting of financial statements and advise on the implications of the adoption of certain IFRS standards.

Accounting and compliance

We have a team of accountants who will make sure that your accounting is up to date and that your business complies will all regulatory requirements in respect of tax and other returns that have to be submitted. Our level of involvement will be tailored for your requirements and level of comfort. We maintain proper segregation of duties to make sure you are not at risk.

Services we offer

  • Business Consulting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Capitalisation and Funding
  • Corporate Governance and Secretarial Services
  • Structures and estate planning
  • IFRS and drafting of financial statements
  • Accounting and compliance

Terms and Conditions

1. Assessments will be launched upon receipt of completed booking forms, job specs and candidate CV’s.

2. Booking forms submitted before 16:00 Monday – Thursday and Friday by 14:00 will be launched on the same day.

3. Feedback can be booked timely by reserving availability in the consultant’s diary, feedback will only be confirmed once a meeting request has been received for an available time slot made available by The Makings Consulting and accepted.

4. The Makings will contact candidates directly and brief them on the assessment process, including on-line and on-site assessment dates.

5. For on-site assessments, please indicate on the booking form when candidates applying for the same role may not be assessed together (confidential assessments).

6. From the launch date (sending out assessment instructions to candidates) turn-around time for delivery of reports is 5 working days, granted that the candidates complete assessments within 48 hours of launch date. The Makings therefore requires 2-3 working days to process assessment results after it has been received.

7. Please note that it takes 24 hrs for a Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) to be generated after the raw data file has been submitted to The Makings Consulting.

8. Extensions on completion deadlines will be communicated and agreed with the assessment requestor.

9. Should you have any assessment related enquiry you are welcome to contact us on 0123467931 or

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