Occupational assessments |

Occupational assessments provide an opportunity to gain more insight into a person’s capacity for complexity, work style and behavioural patterns, opening up the window to an individual’s unique make-up. At The Makings Consulting, we leverage cutting-edge psychometric tools and our specialist knowledge to support our clients in making informed talent decisions.

  • Personality/Behaviour Preferences
  • Values, Motivation, Interest and Career Anchors
  • Risk-taking behaviours
  • Emotional and Relationship Intelligence
  • Cognitive Processing
  • Ability tests
  • Case-studies

The inclusion of occupational assessments can be used to further enhance the insights gained through traditional interviews, given the objectivity, consistency and reliability that the assessments offer. We view ourselves as partners to our clients and go the extra mile to ensure we understand organisational culture, team dynamics and key role requirements. These insights are leveraged to inform our recommendations to ensure alignment between a candidate and the role; whilst highlighting the potential support the individual may require to ensure long term success within the organisation.

Occupational assessments are powerful tools that help organisations gain insight into the unique strengths and development areas offered by their talent pool both at an individual and a team/department level. The inclusion of assessments allows for objective data which at an individual level can be used to overcome challenges (poor performance) or to help grow towards new roles (promotions/ succession planning). From a team/department perspective assessments can provide a platform to develop team efficiencies and positive working relationships. Our team actively partners with managers and the organisation’s human capital partners to help elicit the best from their talent.

The introduction of the fourth industrial revolution has significantly changed the world of work and skills required to remain relevant. Consequently, research suggests that individuals are likely to change careers 5 to 7 times over the course of their lives. At The Makings Consulting, we are proactive in staying abreast of key industry developments that impact the world of work. This in turn enables us to support individuals in different phases of their careers to make informed decisions. In our approach, we utilise occupational assessments to gain insights into the individual which can be used to facilitate career decisions and transitions.